Friday, March 24, 2017

Spoken Word Poetry

To continue our exploration of poetry, we want to immerse you in some spoken word performances. As you listen, think about how speaking a poem changes the experience for you as a reader/observer. What kinds of things do you notice? What do they leave you thinking about?  How might it change you as a writer? Is there a poem you've written that needs to be spoken out loud?

Over the course of a few days we will watch performances by single spoken word poets and teams of spoken word poets. Consider: What impact do single and multiple voices have in spoken word poetry?

And of course, which of these speaks to you as a human? If you could choose a poet to perform for your graduating class who would it be? If there was one you could listen to every day for inspiration who would it be? How do these poems intersect with our social justice lenses and conversations? How do they connect to each other?

Single Speaker

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